[Americas Quarterly] Europe’s Window of Opportunity on Venezuela Is Closing

If they act quickly, the EU and the US can achieve a greater alignment of diplomatic and economic pressure.


Maduro holds up reports from the US govt. & the UN at a February press conference (©Carolina Cabral/Getty)

This year keeps thrusting the European Union (EU) into ever-greater foreign policy challenges. To make matters worse, the highly anticipated realignment with the new Biden administration is proving more difficult on both sides of the Atlantic than initially envisioned.

This piece was co-authored with the American Enterprise Institute's (AEI) Ryan C. Berg PhD, co-author also of Europe’s last chance: How the EU can (and should) become the indispensable actor in Venezuela’s democratic restoration. Continue reading it in its entirety at Americas Quarterly (AQ), a publication of AS/CoA here.



Jorge González-Gallarza

A writer in Paris, Jorge's work has featured in The Wall Street Journal, National Review, The American Conservative, The National Interest and elsewhere.