[The American Conservative] Europe Is Even More Vulnerable to Big Tech

Censorship on Twitter has become the norm in Europe too. Yet the EU is ready to waste an opportunity to eliminate section 230-like liability protections for big tech.


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Conservatives — nay, anyone concerned with free speech and open inquiry — welcomed with a sigh of relief this week’s subpoenas from the Senate Judiciary Committee. Yet Twitter’s handling of the New York Post’s scoop was so outrageous that Republicans would be wise to draw the entire world’s attention to big tech’s unchecked power over online speech. From Europe, they should demand much but expect little. Otherwise hailed for setting global digital standards, preventing censorship of this kind is an area where the block is likely to duck out.

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Jorge González-Gallarza

A writer in Paris, Jorge's work has featured in The Wall Street Journal, National Review, The American Conservative, The National Interest and elsewhere.